The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) Ghana Chapter salutes all Ghanaian girls on the 10th Anniversary of the International Day of the Girl. Because there are at least 245000 girls in Ghana who have not benefited from formal education we re-iterate the very reason for our existence: That all girls will be enrol in school, stay in school and graduate successfully. This year, we are exercised by two issues which have come up in these troubling times of instability.

First, we note with deep concern that there are serious local consequences of global instabilities which affect women and girls directly. Families shaken by near impossible livelihood choices are all too quick to sacrifice the education of girls limiting their chances for a take off into a brighter future.

In the midst of the harsh conditions of economic uncertainties girls are subject to increased demands for marriage and transactional sex from older men also lowering further their capacity for higher aspirations. We challenge men in positions of responsibility to join with those of like mind to work towards removing this cancer from our society and safeguarding its future.

Secondly, research by FAWE has demonstrated that many of the apparent challenges faced by girls in acquiring science and technology vanish when teaching techniques, equipment and technologies are designed towards their ways of learning. The time is now for technology companies to develop solutions and applications which assist girls to develop a healthy relationship with mobile technology and internet platforms

Unfortunately, some young women are using these influential channels to create the impression that they are fixated only on their bodies and material wealth. Their activities have a strong effect on impressionable girls who wish in turn to emulate them.

We challenge these influencers to try creating content which will positively mentor girls.
We appreciate young women who have become technology savvy especially by way of a strong on line presence on Instagram, YouTube etc, and are using this knowledge to put out exciting and inspirational content.
To girls, we say your time is indeed now and FAWE is committed to working with you to secure your future.

11TH OCTOBER 2022.

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